Airtight Solutions for Basement Waterproofing in Ontario

Waterproofing of the basement or 'foundation waterproofing' is a critical task that should be finished a few weeks before the final coat of paint for a new home. Consider connecting with us immediately for basement waterproofing in Lakefield or Bancroft, Ontario.

Waterproof basement flooring in Lakefield and Bancroft

Very few things beat the joy of celebrating the completion of a thorough renovation job at home. Keep the best of the old and throw out the useless things that are more theoretically beneficial but less practical. If that's exciting for you, wait till you completely redo a room in the house and make it comfortable with natural light and clean air. After your basement waterproofing in Bancroft is completed successfully – consider adding it as a new room to your house. It can be used as a guest bedroom or home theatre, amongst several other options. Some of the best choices for flooring:

  • Concrete

  • Luxury vinyl tile

  • Marmoleum

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile

  • Carpet

Don't jump the gun! Ask our expert about basement waterproofing in Bancroft, Ontario, and the consequences of blindly hurrying-up the renovation job. It can be expensive to reverse the damage and consider a second solution if your inexperienced first vendor is unreliable. If you have an architect/ interior designer, ensure they know where the water is hydroponically entering the room or share a detailed description with the renovation team's supervisor. Removing and replacing a carpet or anything that quickly absorbs water is crucial to avoid damaging your structure's foundation in the future through 'hydrostatic pressure.'

Let's get a dash technical

A building's foundation keeps it erect and prevents it from sinking, sliding, or moving. Use external or internal waterproofing to prevent the areas most prone to absorbing water from weakening the foundation and causing cracks in your structure. Basement waterproofing in Bancroft, Ontario, should be left to our company's experienced renovation specialists. The solutions vary from place to place, as some waterproof basement flooring in Lakefield cannot curb damage and thereby avoid huge expenses to fill cracks originating inside the wall and other surfaces.

Let's look at some reasons for water seeping and collecting in most homes' foundation below the basement floor:

  • Nearby bedrock causes natural water flow

  • Sloped landscaping towards your home causes water to collect on your site

  • Backfilled soil which is looser collects water

  • Excess water from flower beds alongside your foundation

  • Improper Gutters that are not effective in redirecting water efficiently

  • Clogged gutters that need to be cleaned

  • Water lines underneath the house that are damaged

It's not a dungeon

If you've seen signs of water seeping into your foundation through the basement, connect with us for waterproof basement flooring in Lakefield. Our crew always finds the root cause of the problem before analyzing current and future damage. GLE Renovations always offers the most effective, practical, and affordable solution for basement waterproofing at Bancroft or Lakefield in Ontario.